Partnership Joep de Jong

As of February 2016, Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis has a partnership with Joep C. de Jong, with a focus on his lectures. Anne Marie arranges all requests for Joep de Jong as an appreciative inquiry, leadership and (change) management speaker and trainer. Furthermore he is available as a college or university guest lecturer.

Partnership Anne Marie Westra and Joep de Jong

Joep de Jong is an associate of the TAOS Institute (USA) and co-creator within Instituto dialogos IDEIA (Spain) and has been using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) for over 20 years, applying AI as a basic philosophy.

Currently, he is also a PdD candidate at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.The tentative title of his research is: "In search of the Soul of the Appreciative Leader", including a number of video portraits he is making. Below, you can watch some examples.

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