As of December 2016, Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis has a partnership with Joanne van Veen, with a focus on her lectures. Joanneke is an entrepreneur, founder of Cherry! and co-owner of hello.smil can be booked as a speaker.

Earlier this year, Anne Marie joined forces with Paul Iske, Professor of Open Innovation and Business Venturing, founder of the Institute of Brilliant Failures and Co-Founder of the Institute for Serious Optimism. This will contribute to creating a positive climate in a positive way. And with Joep de Jong, who has been working with Appreciative Inquiry (appreciative research and organization) for years.

Previous partnerships Anne Marie has with Philip Hess well-known as an entrepreneur and co-founder of senz°, that successfully sells its innovative storm umbrellas across the world and Anne Marie Westra has been very much involved in as an ambassador.! With Omar Munie, the wellknown bag designer from The Hague, and founder of the Dream Factory, a powerful concept with a positive charge. And with America expert and communication trainer Victor Vlam, who campaigned for President Barack Obama twice and is regularly invited as an America expert.

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Cijfers wat een feest! - Wilfried Hess

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