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One of my specialties lies with translating texts, documents, presentations, brochures and websites from Dutch into English, German and French and vice versa, and editing existing translations.

A large number of clients from different industries preceded you and made use of my translation services. For some of these clients I also work as a their staff translarod, such as LivAssured - top five most innovative companies in Care and Human Health 2021 -, the great Enschede companiesEsschert Design - specialist indeveloping collections related to gardening and nature - andGeen Blad voor de Mond content marketing and IT With this greatest IT company from Twente I also have a partnership in their international communications.

In addition, I have translated a number of books, including the English translation of "400 letters from my mother," from author Joseph Oubelkas. Read more about my book translations.

As an English, French and German translator, I am admitted to and a member of the NGTV - the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators, the professiona association of interpreters and translators in the Netherlands, also affiliated with the Fédération Internationale des traducteurs. Members of the NGTV are professional interpreters and translators:They meet the association's strict admission requirements in terms of education, experience and expertise and they endorse the code of honour. Furthermore, the members of the NGTV maintain their expertise through continuing education.

"I am proud that I am entitled to use the word mark NGTV." The NGTV is committed to promoting a correct understanding of the role of translators and interpreters. The professions of interpreter and translator are not legally protected or recognized in the Netherlands, but the NGTV has a clear view of a professional practice.

More information about the NGTV.

Thanks to Anne Marie's fantastic work, 'Ottie - Ein ganz normaler Hund' has become the translation of 'Joris - Gewoon een heel normale hond'. I am very happy with the great collaboration I had with Anne Marie during the translation process and the result! Highly recommended for anyone who wants their (children's) book translated. Mijke Bleecke, author of children's books

Anne Marie is very pleasant to work with, she has translated various texts for us into English, German and French. This allowed us to move back and forth easily. Even if we needed an urgent translation, Anne Marie always tried to schedule it. She communicates quickly and clearly. She always neatly provides a transparent quotation and an appropariate planning. All in all a wonderful translation agency to work with. Cindy van Ooijk, content marketer Esschert Design

Just try to find a translator who is able to write down your words exactly according to your wishes. There are not so many of them! Joseph Oubelkas, public speaker and author


Book translations

Ottie – Ein ganz normaler Hund – translator Anne Marie Westra

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