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My name is Anne Marie Westra-Nijhuis, founder and owner of EPLÚ Management Support since 2009 and I stand for professionalism and quality!

For over 22 years I have gained practical experience in several positions as an executive support professional. I worked for CEO's and Boards of Directors of several organizations, including Dutch and international companies, service orientated organizations, educational institutions and the Ministry of Defence. In these self-employed positions I was able to set the right priorities and I was a continuous link between CEO, Board, clients and employees. Because of this I was able to use my commercial skills adequately which I managed to develop within the recruitment industry.

With EPLÚ Management Support my specialism lies in projects & event management, communications and marketing. This is how I was actively involved in The NetworKing Academy course at the Amsterdam Business School en Business School Notenboom on a project basis for four years. As a project manager, my work for this annual course consisted of PR & social media marketing, I organized the annual Meet & Greet, I was an intermediary for the participants and I put together the curriculum.

I am the senior organizer for a select and varied range of public speakers and trainers. I coordinate all the requests for them to appear as a public speaker, trainer, guest lecturer, coach, moderator and debate/discussion leader. Each speaker who is booked with me is well-qualified and very distinctive. Like tech entrepreneurJulian Jagtenberg, with whom I have a collaboration in terms of his speakership. Julian is the founder of Somnox, an inventive sleep robot, and can be booked at me as a public speaker on robotics, technical innovation and entrepreneurship and as a guest lecturer for schools and university. From the various personal partnerships I have entered into with these special and inspiring speakers and trainers, I created Team EPLU: "If you are looking for a public speaker speaker or trainer whom matches the profile "a public speaker who really makes a difference!" 

As a marketer, I assist my clients by contributing ideas about how to market their product, charity, or company and how to realize the implementation of their plans, with a focus on social media marketing.

I work as an English, German and French translator and therefore I am admitted to and am a member of the professiona association NGTV - the Netherlands Association of Interpreters and Translators. I am proud to have translated a number of books, such as the English translation of the book '400 brieven van mijn moeder' ('400 letters from my mother') by author Joseph Oubelkas. As a copywriter, I provide clear texts, well-formulated and easy to read and I review or edit previous written texts.

Finally, as an experienced minutes-taker, I am available to report Supervisory Board or Executive and Board meetings, business and mediation meetings

Due to my professional way of working and my expert knowledge, I provide my clients with useful advices and I respond to their wishes and specific needs in a flexible way, aimed at an optimal and efficient collaboration. I have the knowledge, skills and the right attitude to perform my duties as a project & event manager, communications professional and social media marketer. Discretion will always be the key word!

Do I save time for other things? Yes, because a good balance between work and family (of: my personal life) is what matters most to me. In addition to performing my tasks efficiently and purposefully, which gives me a good balance between my work and the available time I have set for this, I can, call on a number of fine fellow professionals, where necessary. And that enables me to regularly go hiking or racing on my mountain bike in nature!

Anne Marie contacted me about checking and revising her translations into English nearly six years ago and we have been working together ever since. I’ve noticed that she puts a lot of work into finding just the right word in English to convey the meaning of the Dutch texts. Her successful translations of children’s books have been fun to read and she manages to strike the right tone for readers and their parents. She deserves every success as she continues to improve her work.Kay Dixon, Expression Language Services

Anne Marie combines professionalism with a lovely personality! Aline Pit, Glory Diamonds

Book translations

Ottie – Ein ganz normaler Hund – translator Anne Marie Westra

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Ambassador of senz°, the one and only real storm umbrella

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