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About speaker Esther Jacobs

Esther Jacobs (1970) is known as the "No Excuses Lady". She is an international (TEDx) speaker and author of 21 books.

Without a budget, she has raised €16 million for charity (at the time of the introduction of the euro), for which she was knighted by the Dutch queen. Then Esther has been on the European 'Survivor' TV show. Esther gave more than 1000 keynotes, inspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers worldwide to take control and transform their challenges into opportunities. Esther is an important influencer on social media and was featured in the international media over 500 times. She has been a guest on Dutch late-night talk shows like "Pauw and Witteman and "Barend en van Dorp" and "TVL Belgium". In her autobiographical bookWhat's your excuse? Esther describes her exciting experiences with "Coins for Care" and the European 'Survivor' TV show.

To her great surprise, Esther was recently "fired" from the Netherlands because, according to the law, she travels too much"... She lost all her rights, but not her obligations...Then she decided to turn the tables and start living as a digital nomad. Esther has lived, worked and traveled in more than 100 countries and wrote two books on this subject: What is your dream? and Handbook for global citizens. The same government that deported her is now asking her help to handle the new "mobile generation" problems. Her most recent work is How to write a book in a week , a 7 step guide to writing and selfpublishing for entrepreneurs and non-writers, for it is much easier than you will think.

With her passionate and enlightening story on starting with nothing except a good idea, Esther has a powerful message for her audience. She comes up with solutions on the spot for all kinds of challenges in the audience. She shows you how to think creatively and challenges her audience to think along. Whether it is a large or small audience, business or private. Her key message is: "If you really want something, you'll find a solution. If not you’ll find an excuse."

Esther always designs a custom tailors her lectures on its audience. Her most popular keynotes are: Organizing With No Money - Getting huge results with minimal resources; Comfort Zone Gymnastics - Defeat resistance to change; The "No Excuses Attitude"- Take control, turn it over, get it done, feel alive !; Remote Work:Threat or Opportunity? - Explore the ultimate entrepreneurial mindset and Strive, Struggle & Shine - The personal story behind success.

Watch the video "Esther in numbers":

In below video Esther Jacobs talks about how to stay empowered in a constantly changing world at TEDx Nyenrode University:

Esther is available as a motivational speaker and trainer on social branding, creative thinking, entrepreneurship and location independent working. Please contact Anne Marie Westra to inquire about further possibilities, by email -, or telephone +31- 534347567.

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